Short Term Rentals-STR


           Please read the County Ordinance Sec. 3-3 Article VII  for             Short-Term Rental FIRST to see if your rental qualifies. 


All Short-Term Rentals located within Unincorporated Henry County must apply for an Occupational Tax Certificate to operate their business.

Please Note If You Are Applying For An Occupational Tax Certificate, It Starts The Date You Apply and Is Renewable At The First Of The Year.

  All Applications expire 60 days from date of submission. 

Fees are assessed at the time of submission.

  • After you have attended your due diligence meeting and all your paperwork has been approved by each department, you must complete the Short-Term Rental Application either online or once you complete your Short-Term application you can schedule an appointment with our office, click here.  (Notarized where applicable) Please download any incorporated (Inc.) or limited liability corporation (LLC) updated paperwork from the Secretary of State if applicable at time of application.  Once your application has been submitted it will be assigned to all department for their final approval.  Once all information and approvals are obtained, you will receive an email with instructions to make payment.

                                                        For questions regarding the information needed below                                                          please contact the Planning and Zoning Department 770-288-7526

  • You must provide the Local Emergency Contact information. *The Local Emergency Contact Person must reside within 20 miles of the property address and a copy of their driver license must be submitted for verification* Sec. 3-3-202 Local emergency contact means an individual other than the applicant, who resides within twenty (20) miles of the subject property, and who is designated by the owner/applicant to act as the owner's authorized agent if the owner has traveled outside of the immediate area or is otherwise unavailable. The local emergency contact should be reachable on a twenty-four-hour basis, have access to the short-term rental property, and be authorized by the owner to act in the owner's absence to address any complaints, disturbances, and emergencies.
  • The number of bedrooms and square footage of each room is required.
  • Date of your first rental is required.
  • Provide proof of Notification to all property owners located with 300 feet.  This notification must contain the Local emergency Contact name, address, and phone number. . can be used as guideline to obtain this information for notification purposes.
  • HOA letter or proof of no HOA exists.
  • Copy of Brochure.    
  • During your meeting the Fire Department will discuss the inspection process that will have to be completed for the Short-Term Rental.                            
  • You must hire a Building Inspector to inspect the property. A signed Affidavit (Henry County Building & Plan Review) from a license Building Inspector, attesting that the property meets all applicable building and life safety codes.  Must include a copy of the Building Inspectors Certificate..O.C.G.A 48-2-26.1 ****                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Once we have all department approvals, we will send you an email to make payment online. When the payment has been processed, we will email the Occupational Tax Certificate to the email on record
  • You are required to submit monthly the Hotel/Motel 5% excise tax before the 20th of the following month of collection. *Failure to submit monthly excise tax will result in noncompliance and the Short Term Rental (STR) license can be suspended* (You will receive an email once your certificate has been issued with a separate account and pin number with information on how to make these monthly payments online.)
  • Occupational Tax Certificates are renewed on a calendar year basis.  Expires on December 31st of the year the application is submitted to our office.


To apply online CLICK HERE.  You are required to upload all forms and notarization where applicable.

If you need additional forms, please view the Business License Forms page.

Print Application for Short Term Rental and Building Inspection Report.

Short-Term Rental Closure Acknowledgement Form

Click HERE to read County Ordinance Sec. 3-3-Article VII for Short Term Rentals